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Parish Council

The Parish Council is a sign and witness of unity for the larger Parish Community, the Archdiocese, and the Universal Church.

The Cardinal promised a permanent status to the ICCZ within the Archdiocese of Zagreb. Our efforts to obtain permanent status led in 2005 to the founding of a Parish Council, which since has formed a permanent part of our organizational structure. Parish council members serve according to their availability for one academic year or longer. The Council consists of officers and other members. The established positions for which our members volunteer their services are:

  • Frédéric Crété - Coordinator

The priests who serve our community are de facto members of the council. The parish council meets at least twice a year and as needed for consultation on the needs and activities of the community. Individuals may volunteer or nominate him- or herself to serve as member of the parish council. If more than one nomination is made for a position, the parish council will select by mutual agreement from among the nominees and request confirmation by written ballot at one of the community's regular services.

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